How to get adsense approval for blogspot blogger

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How to Get Adsense Approval :
Hi friends we all knew that adsense is best way for the bloggers because it is the excellent contextual ads network and pays highest (CPC )cost per click rate than any advertising network but getting Google Adsense approval it's not a very easy task so today. I am going to tell you how to get Google Adsense account fully approved in 10 days step-by-step so keep watching.

Step 1 :
                  Go to and create your a free blog with your gmail account.
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Step 2 :
               Set up custom domain for your blog where you create your blog in blogger comm a free version blog will be there in your domain name so you have to buy a domain name from any registrar and start and setup a custom domain for your blog like dot com dot net. Like godaddy and namecheap.
Step 3 :
           For getting Google Adsense account within 10 days you need to choose a best news for your blog I suggest education education is the best topic best news for your blog to get your adsense account within 10 days and definitely it will help you to get your adsense account within 10 days
Step 4:
           Post content to your blog publish for post for getting Google Adsense account you need to post good quality content to your blog don't copy paste other blocks content published for post daily for seven days in this way after seven days your blog will have 4 into 7 =28 blog post
Step 5:
           Now after 7 days when your blog as 28 blog post apply for Google Adsense.Now I will show you how to apply for  Adsense on blogger so let’s see go to dashboard and click on earning click on sign up for Adsense here click on sign-in now and select the language. I choose English language and click on save and continue this is the Google Adsense application form filled upon select your time zone this is the selected individual in account type your name your address your pin code your state your contact number and check all this yes yes yes yes yes and and finally.

Click on submit my application in this way you apply for google adsense account within a 24 hours you will get an email from google adsense team to inform you that your application is rejected due to insufficient content so when your application will be rejected by google adsense team you have to post again to your blog again for post daily in 3 days mean tool post in 3 days and after the 10 days now your blogger will have 40 posts again go to your blogger dashboard click on the earning and resubmit your application now wait for email notification from Google Adsense team within 24 hours.

 We'll get an email from Google Adsense team to inform you that your application has been approved and you have to ask to put your first Google Adsense ad code through your blog when you put your first Google Adsense ad code to your blog by adding a gadget in layout of your blog and within 24 hours again Google Adsense ads will be shown on your blog now we are done your adsense account is fully approved now sometimes it takes a little bit time some more days you won't get email notification from Google Adsense team within 24 hours just wait 2 or 3 days 4 days you will definitely get email from Adsense team and whenever you will get the email your application will approved I used this method many times to get many Google Adsense account for my clients and I'm 100% sure that this trick will work for you
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