Top 3 Wordpress speed up Plugins

Wordpress speed up Plugins:

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Today I'm gonna talking about how you can speed up your WordPress website using caching plugins and other various plugins as well so in this post. I'm gonna go through each plug-in explained to you what they do and how they will speed up your WordPress websites so first up is.
WP rocket:
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  WP rocket is probably one of the best plugins among this list the reason why is because it's an all-in-one solution so for example. It will do caching ,it will do lazy load ,it will compress CSS files, it will optimize your database all in one so right here you can kind of see what they do and they can kind of compare it against other plugins and. I've used up you rocket in the past and I know that they are probably among the best because you can install a lot of free plug-ins that will do what this does but you're gonna have to install a lot of free plug-ins equals slow website a lot of plugins but with empty rocket it kind of does everything in one solution so be sure to check out dumpy rocket again it cleans up your cache or database it has lazy load all sorts of really cool features that will actually make your site run a lot faster. And another really great plug-in it's probably and it's well known in the community is.
WP smush:
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by W mu dev now what this plug-in does is that it'll actually smush all your images and compress it's because when you upload images they slow down your website a lot I'm sure you get you might get like images from Shutterstock and then you just you stop them on it's like oh wow this is actually a 20 megabyte picture it's really gonna slow down your websites now. I do want to talk about the pro version so if you there's a free version of course and the free version works just fine but if you want to kind of go a little bit more you know you want to get you know advanced and you really want to see like what it can do I'm gonna show you what the pro version does right now. I have the pro version because you know I use it a lot and you know it's it really. It makes a difference so this is the smush Pro and again this is actually available for free on in the wordpress depository repository and then right here you can kind of see the pro version now what the pro version offers that the free version doesn't is that it has like super smush whenever you upload an image it will automatically compress it for you and optimize it to make sure that it's not huge so that's a really cool one right there. It will you know it'll resize all your images it'll also convert PNG cja pegs now pngs are a little bit bigger than jpeg so if you activate this it's gonna go ahead and just convert all of them automatically in your database to PNG s to JPEGs so I mean instead of actually doing it all from scratch you know that would be a lot of work to kind of redownload everything and reupload the PNG zouri just install the pro version it's like 30 bucks or something like that but you also get access to they have a whole lot of plugins out there so if you do want to go ahead and purchase this. I'm not an affiliate for them didn't have an affiliate program I don't make any money if you if you purchase their products but it's still just among the best product out there for image smushing .Next is a
WP fastest cache:
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   I've used super cache and I said from the start that WP fastest cache was the best and they even have a comparison chart you know right here you can see W fastest cache against their competitors and you know they combine CSS they combined J s and a lot of plugins out there don't do that like w3 total cache does not do that now they do have a premium version as well so the premium version again is you know it's it's worth getting you know the only thing. I wish they had oh they do have lazy load so they do have lazy load but do they actually clean up your database, ah they do not clean up your database unlike WP rockets so it just depends on you you know. if you think that Dave's rocket is a better bet for you or you think that P fastest cache is a better bet for you then go with either one but the free version of the duppy fastest cache it's really good you know. I use it on my website because it really helps speed up the website and clean it all up cleanups all the garbage you know so next is
WP optimized:
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          Again w rocket does have this feature but if looking for a free alternative you can always go with WP optimized and this will actually clean your database so by default when you start making change and everything you leave revisions you leave drafts and it creates a lot of clunk and judder in your database so this right here will actually optimize it actually has a pro version I believe and they have like automatic weekly cleanups to make sure that your database is optimized and it'll dramatically speed up your websites so be sure to check out w optimize you know a lot of people don't know about databases and you know it is kind of you to know a touchy subject because most people just like oh just clear the cache.
 Let me know what you think about these plugins in the comments below Thamks.
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